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Amplify Chiropractic Has Just Won Best Of The Best 2020

Recent winner of the Colorado Community Media “Best Of The Best 2020” Amplify Chiropractic, which is located in attractive Littleton, CO. Is taking health care to the next level. Amplify Chiropractic, understand that the surge in stay at home activities has caused more people with aches and pains to seek help. That’s why their Littleton chiropractic practitioners take the time to personalize treatments to the individual. This leaves patients feeling energized so they can enjoy life now and improve health long term while having balance. Amplify Chiropractic opened in Littleton because they felt highly motivated to meet the demand this community has for true health care services.

Being tucked up against the mountains, they understood this is a neighborhood that enjoys to get out and enjoy nature by trekking, biking, & appreciate the 300+ days of sunshine. An energetic way of living such as this can take a significant toll on the body. So they knew there was a great chance here to keep the heartbeat of this neighborhood alive for years to come. This passion has already allowed Amplify Chiropractic to be awarded “Best Chiropractor in Littleton” (2020 Colorado Community Media) as well as “Best Chiropractor in Denver” (2020 Denver A-List)!

Why is Amplify Chiropractic different from various other options one might have in Littleton?

The first thing that stands out is the quality of their treatment. They make use of digital postural & motion x-rays to identify any problem areas in the spinal column. Second, they use infrared paraspinal thermography to show progress on a visit-to-visit basis for each patient. When it comes to their adjustments they do not include any one of the twistings, popping, or cracking that is usually found at traditional chiropractic centers.

Also, Amplify Chiropractic, is 1 of just 50 clinics across the country that concentrate on the Pierce Results System – a technique that produces remarkable outcomes without any twisting or “cracking” of the back. Their cutting edge technology allows for visual tracking of the treatment progress, not just simply feeling them.

For more information, you can reach Dr. Vinny and his wonderful staff at (720) 583-4686 or through their website at