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Can you make money tracking your nutrition numbers?

Some of the most common apps of 2017 are the ones that track your diet and exercise.

But is it possible to make money doing this?

If you understand how the compensation plans for most MLM companies work, you should pick up on this pretty easily.

If you’re here, you’re probably doing your own due diligence, contemplating whether this is right for you or not.

Now, I know most people (heck, even some top leaders themselves!) don’t fully understand the comp plan, and don’t plan to ever do so. I disagree.

I believe you need to know exactly how you’re going to earn money, before you even start making money online.

Let me start by saying: the Empower Network has a great comp plan. It’s fair, doesn’t overly benefit the people at the top and provides you with ridiculous earning potential, even if you’re just getting started.

But it can be a little complex and hard to wrap your head around, which is what I’m trying to simplify here.

Just what exactly makes the damn thing so great?

I’ll do my best to break it down and simplify everything for you in this post.

But here’s all that you need to know:

– You get 100% commissions on all products, except the Viral Blogging Academy ($200 out of the $297) and the Masters Course ($3,000 out of the $3,500).

– You can only earn commissions on products that you own yourself. Example: If you don’t own the 15k Formula, and somebody buys the 15k Formula from you, you pass up that juicy $1,000 to the person above you (your sponsor). This freaking sucks. The commission keeps flowing upwards until it hits somebody who DOES own the 15k and lands straight into his account. So yeah, buy all the products if you can.

– You pass up your 2nd, 4th, 6th and every 5th sale after of each product. If you’re counting, it’s the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 11th, 16th, 21th and so on. Remember, this is product specific. Each product runs on different ‘counters’.

– The sales of your pass-ups go to the guy they’re passed up too. Yeah, I didn’t get this at first, but here’s an example: Say Person A becomes your 2ndsale of the Viral Blogging System, that $25 ‘passes up’ to your sponsor, Person B. Now, every Viral Blogging System pass up Person A makes, will go directly to Person B, not you. Hope that helps.

– If you don’t own certain products and the people you sponsor go on to buy other products from you, the commissions will roll up to your sponsor. Remember, you’re glued to your sponsor, on each product, for life. Meaning you could miss out on lots and lots of commissions if those roll-ups become producers themselves.

– Speed. You start earning from day one, right upon joining. Also, the commissions go straight to your eWallet account (the payment processor that Empower Network lets you use) and you can direct deposit the money straight to your own personal bank accounts upon clearance. No more waiting months for your commission checks, since the money doesn’t actually go through Empower Network.

– This has yet to be confirmed, but I’m pretty sure with the new structure, you can have different sponsors on different product lines. You just need to create different accounts, and you won’t get all of your products within the same back office.

Re-read all of that or re-watch the video a couple of times, because you need to really get this. It’s important. Now, with that in mind, let’s talk about how you’re going to take advantage of all of that.


The fact that you can jump right in, start promoting and earning commissions straight away? Godly.

Imagine raking a $1000 immediately upon starting up. That’s entirely possible.

Slap on the immediate pay-out policy and you’ve got yourself some juicy commission streams flowing into your bank account right away.

Next, the $25 and $100 Inner Circle products? Recurring commissions. In case you’re not calculating, that’s an extra $1500 per year from each prospect who buys both.

Meaning, even if you close up shop and remove all your affiliate links off the internet, you’re still going to generate some pretty sweet passive income.

In short, you’ve got yourself three types of income: your straight up commissions (money from the one-time payment products), recurring money and the pass-up commissions.

This can quickly blow up your bank account really quickly.

Next, Empower Network has probably the most balanced product range out there. With smart pricing points from $25 all the way up to $3000, you’re targeting a wide range of prospects from all financial backgrounds.

Lastly, your up line doesn’t suck you dry.

The way that the Empower Network has structured the comp plan, it’s entirely possible for you to make way more money than your sponsor does.

Sweet as, eh?


Passing up your sales isn’t exactly appetizing.

You’re practically giving up 50% of your first 6 sales. That’s about $17,000 across all products. Bad.

And I know, there are a lot of affiliates out there going: ‘Well, you’re going to get pass up from other people anyway, isn’t that cool?’

Well yeah it is, in theory. The reality is, most of your new team members won’t produce much of anything at all. So it’s not exactly a bed of roses.

Here’s something else: your pass-ups are glued to your sponsor, like I mentioned early.

Meaning, if you have a guy under you who’s producing crazy sales, his pass-ups don’t necessarily go on you.

They could very well be passing up all their product sales to your sponsor, because he happened to be a pass-up for you on every single product.

Remember, pass-ups of your pass-ups go to the guy above you as well.

That’s potentially a couple thousand bucks lost here.


So if you’re thinking of bringing in someone who you know for sure is going to produce, make sure they aren’t a pass-up sale for you. Otherwise you’d lose out on all that extra cash, and your sponsor’s just going to soak it all up without knowing where it’s coming from.

Much easier said than done, especially when you don’t know your prospects personally. Just buckle down and hope for the best.

Lastly, it’s not 100% commissions on every single product, so please promote it as such.

Quality Over Quantity

Look, getting a lot of people in the door is great, but what you should be focusing on, is helping your A-team get success quickly.

Don’t get me wrong, pulling in ‘two Blog sales per day’ is still going to make you fabulously rich, as David Wood might say.

But instead of spending your time increase the volume of prospects, you should focus on streaming out the ‘less-committed’ people.

Don’t believe me? Here’s my logic.

The sad, grim truth about any MLM business is that most people aren’t going to make any money at all.

This has nothing to do with MLM being a scam, or whatever other ridiculous reason the misinformed haters out there scream to the rooftops.

Being successful in anything in life, is hard. Otherwise everybody would be a millionaire, yes?

If it was that easy, everybody would be making $20,000.

If you join an MLM company and produce zilch, its way more likely that you aren’t willing to do what it takes to succeed, rather than you being scammed by the company.

Put up 3 blog posts and you think you’ll get rich in a week? Yeah. Sure.

So if you only had an hour a day to work on your business, would you rather spend that hour helping out somebody who is giving you $4000 a month in pass up sales, or help 4 different prospects who only bought the $25 blogging system (and will probably quit in a couple of weeks anyway)?

No brain -er, really.

Plus, it’s much more likely that the ones who don’t make you any money are the ones who have the most questions and whine the most. It’s a pain dealing with these guys.

The dude who’s tearing it up? Probably won’t need a lot of assistance from you anyway.

80/20 rule, buddy. 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your prospects.

You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with the most. Which means, I’m not spending any more time on ‘C-players’ than I absolutely need to. That’s just the way it is.

And that, I believe is the best way to run your health tracking business.


Does the comp plan work? Absolutely.

Anyone can succeed with this compensation plan, but most won’t.

Not because it’s a pyramid scheme, or MLM sucks, but it’s because most people are merely average.

Even if you start from zero, did not get in at the top, don’t have a list, don’t have a team, you could still work this.

That’s what lazy people tell themselves.

I can say this with absolute confidence, because there are hundreds of case studies out there to prove it.


Not everyone will have the determination it takes to make money with their health tracking. But with the right mindset and opportunity, you can make anything can happen.

Health Diets

Why you should probably include diatomaceous earth in your diet

Tracking the food and beverages you intake starts with making sure you’re consuming the right foods. Recent studies have shown the benefits of adding diatomaceous earth to your diet. So what exactly is it and how is it good for you? Let’s take a look.

Diatomaceous Earth refers to the fossilized remains of prehistoric oceanic micro organisms which are called diatoms. By that definition alone, many people may cringe on bringing them anywhere near their mouth but the fascinating truth is that they are actually good for you. According to the Diatomaceous Organization, these one celled plants were the main diet of marine life thousands of years ago and have been part of our natural ecosystem to this day.

These micro organisms use silica or sand to form their shells or exoskeletons and as they die, the shells remain at the bottom of the body of water they dwell in. 30 million years ago these piled up at the bottom of the oceans and fresh bodies of water to form thick bed of fossilized sediment which we call diatomite or the more popular term diatomaceous earth.

These deposits are abundant all over the world where these waters receded but some are still underwater. To get an inkling of their size, one cubic inch of the silica contains 400 million shells! That’s how small these organisms are. Today the shells are mined and ground into a fine powder that looks and feels very much like talcum powder. It comprises of about 30% silicone, 4% of sodium, 2% iron, 3% calcium and other trace minerals which makes it an excellent source of natural minerals and thus an appropriate diet supplement.

How does Silica Improve Health?

As mentioned before the shells are mostly made of sand i.e. silica or silicon dioxide. Even though this mineral can be found in abundance most of it cannot be consumed and very few food products have adequate amounts of the absorbable form of the mineral [1]. For optimal health, we need to have at least 7 grams of silica in our bodies which is far more compared to calcium and iron.

Granted the mineral can be found in a number of foods such as bell peppers, alfalfa, brown rice, oats, wheat, parsley, millet, wheat and barley but with today’s depleted soils, only one third of this mineral makes its way into our body. This is quite concerning because we need adequate amounts of this mineral to remain energetic and resilient as we age. In fact, we need silica irrespective of age and can become seriously deficient in this mineral as we grow older resulting in chronic fatigue and other debilitating conditions.

Since we absorb 80% of the mineral before we enter adulthood, we need to make up for the deficiency by taking it orally. This is where Diatomaceous earth comes into the picture. The ‘earth’ is rich in absorbable silica and can replenish our stores easily resulting in restored health. As silica levels increase in the body so does its ability to fight off serious diseases, a fact that is important as we age. For instance we need more than calcium and vitamin D to ensure our bones grow well and remain strong as well as dense. The fact is that our bodies cannot absorb those minerals if it does not have access to silica reserves and if we take supplements such as calcium, it can actually accelerate bone degeneration by leeching away the minerals we already have. This can lead to osteoporosis and other tissue based diseases in the body.

In order mineralize and repair damaged bones, we need sufficient amounts of silica in our body. Our bones are mostly made of a combination of minerals such as magnesium calcium and phosphorus but they need silica to maintain bone density. This mineral can accelerate the healing process in fractured bones and prevent scar tissue from forming as well. According to studies, the mineral can actually mimic calcium through a complex transmutation process when there is a calcium deficiency in the body.

Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth for Bones

In 1972 Professor Adolf Butenant proved that without this mineral existence is not possible [2]. According to his research, silica is a vital nutrient that should be taken continuously from food sources that contain it since it plays a huge role in mineral absorption. That is not to say that other minerals are not as essential but as we discussed before, we need at least 7% of this mineral compared to the almost negligible amount of others. If its absence reaches chronic levels, it can also result in penile deformation and skeletal degeneration in old age. This also includes hormonal disturbances which can be caused by calcium and magnesium discrepancies in case of a deficiency.

Brittle bones are characteristic of the ageing process but taking calcium supplements only will not slow down this crippling disease. In fact, even the calcium reserves in our body cannot take action to strengthen them if it does not have silica or diatomaceous earth aiding it. Plus in case of fractures rather than aiding the healing process, calcium supplements can drain away the reserves already present in the body and thus hasten bone degeneration and weaken connective tissue exponentially. As a result your skeletal structure will start aging faster than normal making you feel older than you really are.

The good news is that most of these conditions are reversible. Mineral balance can be restored if adequate amounts of silica are taken and this includes the assimilation of phosphorus in the human body. In other words, the supplement can be perceived as a critical catalyst that aids and triggers crucial bodily processes most of which promote growth.

The bottom line is that a healthy dose of diatomaceous earth can be good for the body in the long run. Besides balancing hormones, this mineral plays a large role in ensuring bone growth besides enhancing the healing process.

You can buy Diatomaceous Earth supplements and kick start your health today.


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Healthy Americans Weigh In On Tracking Forskolin Benefits

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